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Nawa Arahadi Buduguna: The Nine Virtues of the Noble Ones

Nawa Arahadi Buduguna is a Sinhalese term that refers to the nine qualities of the Buddha and his enlightened disciples. These qualities are also known as the nine attributes of the Triple Gem, which are the Buddha, the Dhamma (his teachings), and the Sangha (his community of followers). The nine virtues are as follows:


  • Araham: The one who is worthy of respect and reverence, who has destroyed all defilements and attained perfect enlightenment.

  • Sammasambuddho: The one who has realized the truth by himself, without any teacher or guide, and who can teach it to others.

  • Vijjacaranasampanno: The one who is endowed with knowledge and conduct, who has mastered the threefold higher knowledge (supernormal powers, divine eye, and recollection of past lives) and the eightfold noble path.

  • Sugato: The one who has gone to a good destination, who has attained the supreme bliss of Nibbana (the cessation of suffering).

  • Lokavidu: The one who knows the world, who understands the nature of all phenomena, both mundane and supramundane.

  • Anuttaro purisadammasarathi: The one who is incomparable in taming people, who can lead them to liberation with his skillful means.

  • Sattha devamanussanam: The one who is the teacher of gods and humans, who can instruct them according to their capacities and inclinations.

  • Buddho: The one who is awakened, who has dispelled the darkness of ignorance and illuminated the world with his wisdom.

  • Bhagava: The one who is blessed, who possesses the ten powers, the four confidences, the seven factors of enlightenment, and the great compassion.

The Nawa Arahadi Buduguna are recited by Buddhists as a way of paying homage to the Buddha and expressing their faith in him. They are also used as a meditation subject to develop insight into the qualities of the Buddha and cultivate reverence and gratitude towards him. By reflecting on the Nawa Arahadi Buduguna, one can gain inspiration and confidence in following the path of the Buddha and achieving the same liberation as him.

If you want to learn more about the Nawa Arahadi Buduguna, you can download a PDF document that explains them in detail in Sinhalese language. You can find it [here]. You can also listen to a chanting of the Nawa Arahadi Buduguna [here].

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