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@kawahyu,If you also got this kind of validation message, it means that your XML was also not valid. It could be that the DOI status will then be failed, for the same reason. Did you use the test mode as well?

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At first, I used test mode then switched to automatic one. When I exported xml, the result is xml tree in browser. I saved them as xml file then uploaded in doi.crossref. I tried to open the doi url, DOI error came up. Once, If I am not mistaken, I ever got error after exporting xml but I did not notice them. How I know the exported xml is not valid for crossref?

Did you mean ojs 3.0.1 (ojs 3.0.0 stable and master branch)? When will it be released?I have download button in crossref plugin. I hit it then the xml appeared in browser, =0B9LkEgSCy8BQWkVqbXBsSnRkOXc

First case: I chose the 1st option (Automatic subscription), my article status is submittedSecond case: I chose the 2nd option (API testing), download xml, save it as xml file, upload it in After this process, I tried checking articles DOI by clicking, e.g. (one of the DOIs). I found Error: DOI Not Found.

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