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YardByrds Scaricare Film

The Yardbirds performed the song for broadcast on several occasions. Five days after the single was released, they taped it for the Ken Dodd Show, which aired on BBC Radio 20 and 23 June 1965.[11] The recording later appeared on the album Yardbirds ... On Air (1991, re-released in 1999 as BBC Sessions).[15] During the group's second American tour, they played "Heart Full of Soul" (and "I'm a Man") for Shivaree, a pop music variety television series.[11] It was filmed at the KABC-TV studios in Hollywood on 3 January 1966 and aired on 8 January.[11]

YardByrds Scaricare Film

The Yardbirds' original song was used in the soundtrack of the 2010 film noir-ish crime thriller London Boulevard. The song plays as the protagonist (played by Colin Farrell) is driving through London in a black convertible.[21] Stephen Holden, writing for The New York Times, notes, "Enhancing the tarnished '60s ambience is a soundtrack that juxtaposes rock classics like 'Heart Full of Soul' from the Yardbirds [with current music]".[22]

The Music: The majority of the film is scored by Herbie Hancock, which, while appropriate, pales in comparison to The Yardbirds segment in which a young Jimmy Page plays on while while watching bandmate, Jeff Beck, frustrated with amp feedback, destroy his guitar in the middle of a performance. This is the second time I have posted this video on the Drunkard. It is sixties London, blues based, garage at its best. It is also The Yardbirds finest incarnation.

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