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All other things being equal your statement is of course quite correct. But they aren't always like your textbook out in the real world.Lets push an example to an extreme.. kinda like you do in the next one... and see where it might lead to a different conclusion.We all know programmers tend to be a) a bit wierd, b) overwhelmingly male and c) tend to be socially inept in general and especially in interactions with MOTOS. We also know (heck, I know well enough from direct experience, know several at least as good at IT things as myself) that women can program but they are even less represented at the extreme high end than they are in general. We also know that those few extreme programmers can often produce more output than a dozen or more normal ones. The "A bit wierd" factor seems to correlate with the high output.Theory holds that women and men are equal, thus adding women to a team shouldn't matter. But the reality above disagrees, adding women to an existing team of males (especially in this industry) always seems to involve drama, sensitivity/diversity training and changing the work environment in general to allow maternity leave, no more death marches, etc., all of which impact productivity. Btw, if you only apply the new kinder and gentler rules to the females, kiss moral goodbye. And if you figure the odds are non-trivial that one or more of your twitchy but highly productive ones will get sacked in an HR incident to boot, perhaps the wise course for a manager IS to exclude half the talent pool, pulling whatever tricks are required to keep the EEOC in the dark.Discuss. And try to keep it rational. What proposed changes in social conditions would best work to mitigate/eliminate the perverse incentives in that scenario?> a race to the bottom where your competitors outcompete you> by treating some of their employees like slavesGood grief, that is so epic stupid you must be college educated. That can only happen as a pathological extreme of an imbalance of supply and demand of labor, and guess what; given the condition the result WILL happen. But if labor isn't so abundant that employers can do that labor will always be able to bid up their price with or without unions even. Especially in industries like ours. Was firing an over-reaction? Posted Mar 29, 2013 15:21 UTC (Fri) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

It is very important to be sensitive to harassment issues but going around on a hair trigger, ready for all-out thermonuclear warfare, at all times does not really advance the issue. Sexism at tech conferences is very real and we should all contribute to stamping it out, but this includes dealing with your colleagues (of either sex) in a mature, reasonable, professional, and friendly way instead of gratuitously aggravating situations that are very likely really quite easy to defuse. There are other conceivable situations that might require immediate and decisive reactions in order to protect people's well-being or life but this one arguably wasn't one of those.

I perceive your attempt to put Ada next to rust as disgusting (and btw. not well informed). NO an optimization done by a mature compiler is by no means in a similar leagues as the rust problem I linked to. The solution for Ada was simple: better compiler control and better, more granular runtime-check pragmas (which now exist since quite a while). The solution for that 1 rust problem is a PhD thesis and thousands of man-hours away (and considerable changes in rust). 041b061a72

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