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[S3E3] Bank Job

The episode also sees the return of the bank robber Mickey, voiced by guest actor Bill Hader, who is hired by Bob at the restaurant in his children's absence. Other guest voice actors include Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman of the American comedy television series Parks and Recreation as the hippie farming couple Beverly and Cooper, Doug Benson as an undercover DEA agent, and Kevin Kline as recurring series character Calvin Fischoeder.

[S3E3] Bank Job

Bob receives a package containing his childhood toys, which consist of nothing more than a scouring pad, a rusted spatula, and a dog-shaped soap bar. The toys make Bob recall memories of constantly working at his father's restaurant, and he realizes that his job deprived him of a normal childhood. Worried that he is doing the same to his own children, he fires Tina, Gene and Louise and encourages them to enjoy their summer vacation. In their place, he hires newly released bank robber Mickey, whom the family had previously befriended, to do various jobs around the restaurant, in exchange for free meals and shelter in the basement.

Meanwhile, the children find outdoor summer activities unsatisfying and soon grow bored. They later wander into a blueberry farm and meet its elderly owners, the hippie couple Beverly and Cooper, who offer to hire Gene and Louise to "pick weeds" and Tina as a blueberry delivery girl. With the promise of a daily $10 salary, the children accept and soon become unsuspecting accomplices in a marijuana delivery business. One night Bob discovers Mickey making a hole in the basement, and Mickey reveals his plan to dig his way into the same bank he previously robbed, believing that the double jeopardy defense will clear him of any crime. Bob explains to Mickey that he can, in fact, be jailed again, and promptly fires him.

The episode guest stars actor and comedian Bill Hader, reprising his role as the bank robber Mickey from the second-season episode "Bob Day Afternoon".[4] Megan Mullally, who voices the character Aunt Gayle in the series,[5] also makes a guest appearance in the episode with her husband and Parks and Recreation co-star Nick Offerman as the hippie couple Beverly and Cooper.[6] Comedian Doug Benson voices an undercover DEA agent,[7] while Kevin Kline voices recurring series character Calvin Fischoeder in a brief appearance.[6]

They take it to Jamie. Eve informs them that she and Kenny were looking into an international organization that has infiltrated governments and organizations all over the world and is responsible for a significant amount of international murders. Fat Panda was a Chinese intelligence officer killed in Berlin. He was tracking a double agent for the Twelve, Frank Haleton, who was being paid from a bank account in the Cayman Islands. It went dormant after Frank was killed but Kenny apparently found it was active again. Three transfers in the last few months totaling just over six million euros with the remaining balance moved to an account in Geneva with a yet-unknown owner. Eve says they need MI6's help, much to Jamie's dismay.

Eve has informed Mo on the bank account. Mo is tired of having to work his regular MI6 job whilst moonlighting for Carolyn. Eve tells him he should quit now if he can't handle a tough job. Mo says he'll see what he can do and hands her a file with people they think are on the hit list. Mo has been going through the MI6 case files she and Kenny were working on. He really thinks Eve needs some kind of protection. Eve says no good things happen to people protected by MI6.

[00:06:50] Tokyo asked the governor if she could use the bathroom. The governor offered her his personal bathroom. Tokyo went inside and washed her face. Sergio had prepared everyone for all the possibilities once they were inside the bank, but theories were different from actual execution.

[00:07:30] Palermo brought the hostages to a small room inside the bank. He told them to calm down and announced that he had good and bad news. Firstly, the bad news was the bank was under attack. The good news was that they were the attackers as Palermo removed his military gear to reveal red overalls. The hostages screamed and ran for the exit, but Denver stopped them. 041b061a72

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