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Machine Drawing By Kr Gopalakrishna Pdf Download

Machine Drawing by K. R. Gopalakrishna: A Review

Machine drawing is a branch of engineering drawing that deals with the representation of mechanical components and machines in a graphical form. It is an essential skill for engineers, designers, draftsmen, and technicians who are involved in the design, manufacture, maintenance, and operation of various types of machinery.

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One of the most popular and widely used textbooks on machine drawing is Machine Drawing by K. R. Gopalakrishna, published by Subhas Stores. The book has been revised and updated to the 20th edition in 2007, and covers the syllabus of various technical universities and professional examinations in India.

Features of the book

The book has the following features:

  • It covers the basic principles and conventions of machine drawing, such as types of projections, dimensioning, sectioning, tolerancing, and symbols.

  • It provides a comprehensive coverage of various machine elements and assemblies, such as fasteners, joints, couplings, bearings, gears, valves, pipes, pumps, engines, boilers, turbines, etc.

  • It includes numerous solved examples and exercises to illustrate the application of theory and practice of machine drawing.

  • It incorporates the latest standards and codes of practice for machine drawing, such as IS, BIS, ISO, DIN, etc.

  • It also includes a chapter on computer-aided drafting (CAD), which introduces the basic concepts and tools of CAD software for machine drawing.

Benefits of the book

The book has the following benefits:

  • It is written in a simple and lucid language, with clear explanations and diagrams.

  • It is suitable for both self-study and classroom teaching, as it follows a logical and systematic approach.

  • It is a comprehensive and authoritative reference for students, teachers, and professionals of mechanical engineering and related disciplines.

  • It is a valuable resource for preparing for competitive examinations and interviews in the field of machine drawing.

How to download the book

The book is available in both hardcover and paperback editions. You can buy it online from various e-commerce platforms or offline from your nearest bookstore. Alternatively, you can also download a PDF version of the book from some websites that offer free ebooks. However, you should be careful about the quality and legality of such downloads. Some of the websites that claim to offer free PDF downloads of Machine Drawing by K. R. Gopalakrishna are:

  • [Google Books]: This website allows you to preview some pages of the book online. However, you cannot download the full book as it is protected by copyright laws.

  • [Docobook]: This website claims to offer a free PDF download of the book. However, the link leads to a page that requires you to sign up for a trial account and provide your credit card details. This may be a scam or a phishing attempt.

  • [Thebookee]: This website claims to offer a free PDF download of the book. However, the link leads to another website that asks you to complete a survey or an offer before downloading the file. This may be a spam or a malware infection.

Therefore, we recommend that you avoid these websites and purchase or borrow a legitimate copy of the book from a reliable source.

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