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Download 720p Chapekar Brothers Movies In Hindi - Player FM

Chapekar Brothers full movie in hindi mp4 download

If you are looking for a historical drama that depicts the heroic deeds of three Indian revolutionaries who assassinated a British officer in 1897, then you might be interested in watching Chapekar Brothers. This movie, released in 2016, is based on the true story of Damodar, Balkrishna, and Vasudeo Chapekar, who were inspired by Bal Gangadhar Tilak to fight against the oppressive British rule in Pune. The movie showcases their struggle, sacrifice, and martyrdom for the cause of freedom.

Chapekar Brothers full movie in hindi mp4 download

In this article, we will tell you how you can download Chapekar Brothers full movie in hindi mp4 format, which is one of the most popular and convenient formats for watching movies on various devices. We will also tell you how you can watch the movie online or offline, depending on your preference. But before we do that, let us give you some more information about the movie and why you should watch it.


What is the movie about?

Chapekar Brothers is a Hindi-language film directed by Devender Kumar Pandey. The film features Abhijit Bhagat, Sanjeet Dhuri and Manoj Bhatt as the Chapekar brothers, Indian revolutionaries involved in assassinating W. C. Rand, the British Plague Commissioner of Pune. The film also stars Govind Namdeo as Bal Gangadhar Tilak, who was a mentor and a leader for the brothers and other nationalists. The film portrays the events leading up to the assassination, as well as its aftermath and consequences.

Who are the Chapekar brothers and why are they important?

The Chapekar brothers were born in Chinchwad, near Pune, in Maharashtra. They belonged to a wealthy Brahmin family that was involved in religious and cultural activities. They were influenced by Tilak's teachings and writings, especially his newspaper Kesari, which advocated resistance against British tyranny. They were also enraged by the brutal measures taken by Rand and his troops to curb the plague outbreak in Pune in 1896-97. These measures included entering private houses, examining and segregating people (including women) by force, vandalizing properties and religious symbols, and preventing movement from the city. The brothers decided to take revenge for these atrocities by killing Rand and his military escort Lt. Ayerst on 22 June 1897.

The assassination of Rand was a significant event in the history of Indian freedom struggle, as it marked one of the earliest acts of revolutionary violence against British rule. It also inspired a whole generation of revolutionaries, especially in Maharashtra, who followed their example and carried out similar attacks on British officials. The brothers were hailed as heroes and martyrs by many Indians, who saw them as symbols of courage and patriotism. Their story was also depicted in several books, plays, films, and web series over time.

What are the main features of the movie?

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