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Horse Oyun: How to Breed, Train, and Care for Your Virtual Horses

Airag, (Fermented horse milk) is a traditional milk product in Mongolia. Herders separate foals from their dams and tie them at a milking site during the daytime to produce airag. To evaluate the effects of horse management on the movement of dams, we tracked three dams in a herd in camp 1 during summer and camp 2 during autumn of 2013 and analyzed their movements during the milking (daytime) and non-milking (nighttime) periods in an area famous for its high-quality airag. Dams were gathered every 1.7 0.0 h between 07.46 and 15.47 hours at the milking sites and milked 4.6 0.2 times/day during the study period (86 days). Daily cumulative and maximum linear distances from the milking sites were longer (P

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