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Skillshare 3DS Max For Beginners : 3D Modeling Fundamentals

Looking forward to learning about creating interior images and post-processing 3D renderings? Then Widhi Muttagien brings you this online tutorial where you learn using 3DS Max, Corona Renderer and Photoshop. Coming from an expert in 3D Max, this course will help beginners understand the basics of Corona renderer, 3D Visualization, and PS post-processing. Starting from fundamentals in 3DS Max, the video will then move to 3D modeling techniques. You can also check out our compilation of Best 3D Animation Courses.

Skillshare 3DS Max for beginners : 3D modeling fundamentals

The online 3DS Max Classes include topics like transformations, object creation, and manipulation. Learn about different 3D modeling techniques like a primitive object, spline-based modeling, and polygon-based modeling. Students can access the classes through a free trial of skillshare. They can opt for a paid subscription to skillshare if they wish to opt for more programs. The course is ideal for beginners with no experience.

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