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Skyrim The Forgotten City Armor

Part 4 of the Forgotton City Modded DLC, where in this one I did numerous tasks for the public, learned a sinister dark secret which lead to going back to the future, and then went back to try to save the city too....... THEN LOST ALL OF THAT DATA!!!!After a couple of gins later, I tried again. I had to break the law for some lovely armour to survive in the Fallout 4 portion, and cheese it through use of the wibbly wobbly time hacks to get my way. My head hurts!#skyrim #modded #forgottencity

Skyrim The Forgotten City Armor

Explore an ancient sea - a journey through the unforseenthe legend told - can we believea city under siege - submerged by endless seascould this be all but not a dream?Will they return to tell the tale?Or like the ones before who have failedRadar detection clear - discovery is nearthrough sun - light rays - the visions castdiving to the depths below - but who are they to knowtranquility - a dangerous pastWill they return to tell the taleOr like the ones before who have failedBeyond the rustic gate - consumed in horror - it's toolatesourrended by the ones who dwellyou chose to venture - now you must burnforever lost in this forgotten world of painWill they return to tell the tale? 350c69d7ab

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