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Facebook Ramps Up Its Blockchain Division With New Chief _HOT_

However, this will be about teamwork, with the product group chief executives and our head of technical and safety all working together. When I joined Rio Tinto two years ago, one of the attributes that attracted me to the company was a long-standing track record and commitment to how it operated, way beyond the financial performance. While the destruction of Juukan Gorge was -- has understandably damaged our standing, I believe that Rio Tinto has sound ESG credentials. However, I see it as a core value, a foundation for our business, to have impeccable ESG credentials. We are taking actions to increase the focus on how we work with communities, particularly the Traditional Owners. A vital step has been to enhance our governance in this space. We are modernizing and improving agreements, eliminating confidentiality clauses and being fully transparent when Traditional Owners agree. We also have a critical role to play in transitioning to a more sustainable economic model. Our portfolio of high-quality iron ore, copper, aluminum and minerals are not easily substituted and are vital for a greener future. We exited coal in 2018, so today, we don't extract fossil fuels. Last year, we set clear 2030 CO2 emission targets and set an ambition of being net zero by 2050. Today, we set out our first scope three goals and a commitment to working with our customers and their customers to reduce emissions and decarbonize the production of certain metals. And we will include climate change targets in management incentive plans. And our TCFD-aligned climate change report will be put to an advisory vote at our 2022 annual general meetings. These are all significant changes that will drive behavior in our approach to tackling climate change. Turning to our portfolio and how we renew it over time. We must double down on development to create the portfolio for the next decade and the decade beyond. We have time to do so. Our portfolio should not be seen through a quarterly lens but in terms of decades. Our history has demonstrated an ability to continue to renew our portfolio, and we must pursue this with excellence, daring to take some risks within our tight capital allocation framework. The list of projects are mostly known. There are important decisions to be taken in the next 12 months. We will, as a team, work them as hard as we can but also commit to make rational choices.

Facebook Ramps Up Its Blockchain Division With New Chief

Thanks, Jakob, and thanks for the question, Paul. So as I talked about, this year, we will bring in the three new mines related to our existing hubs in the Pilbara. And then Gudai-Darri comes in and ramps up in 2022. They're the core. So as we go into 2022, we go in there with a pretty sort of clear sort of set of assets and capacity there to -- which sort of is aligned with sort of our infrastructure. What we will start then is sort of -- and have started already, is the next phase of studies. We've talked about Gudai-Darri phase two. We've talked about Western Range. Those studies will progress. And they will start to sort of come in, in 2023, 2024. We've already built those into our sort of capex, given we've given guidance for 2023. But you should expect the sort of next set of mines to come in, in that -- starting in that period. Thanks, Paul.

Thanks, good morning. Good morning, Jacob. Just a question, I guess, more on the sort of management changes and just getting an understanding of your comments before about you think there's now the right people in the right roles. I mean are we expecting to see material changes to these divisions and the assets within them? Do you think that sort of the new sort of positions have been given license to do that? Or is it about sort of getting costs down and getting production consistency, as you said, and licenses to operate? I'm just interested in your thoughts around that. 041b061a72

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