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Olsat Practice Test Level E Zip [BETTER]

If you're a parent of a student who has the academic ability to join his or her school's talented and gifted programs, you may have heard of the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test, or OLSAT. This test is meant to measure a student's verbal, quantitative, and nonverbal knowledge and abilities. The results of these tests help teachers to ensure that a student is placed in academic courses at the appropriate levels. Varsity Tutors offers OLSAT preparation through tutoring sessions, to help students feel more confident before they take the exam.

olsat practice test level e zip


OLSAT test prep can take many different forms and include a variety of teaching techniques that are meant to bolster a student's grasp of academic concepts. Students at all levels, from Kindergarten through 12th grade, could benefit from a Varsity Tutors OLSAT class and private one-on-one OLSAT tutoring. There are tests that students take at different points in their academic careers. The specific levels and the corresponding grade levels are outlined below.

Educators use the results of OLSAT tests to ensure that students who are bright enough for inclusion in talented and gifted programs are in classes that will challenge them appropriately. OLSAT classes and tutoring can include things like test-taking strategies so that students are able to pace themselves appropriately, in order to answer as many questions as possible. This is important because students typically have a maximum of 75 minutes to complete the OLSAT exam. According to Mercer Publishing, Levels A, B and C (grades K-2) include 60 total questions; third grade students in Level D can expect to see 64 questions. Students in Levels D-G (grades 4-12) will have 72 questions to answer. OLSAT test prep that Varsity Tutors sets up for you can be personalized to a student's knowledge level and the general topics that students can expect to see in their grade-level exam.

Utilizing the tutoring available through an OLSAT course can help a student feel more clarity and confidence as they sit down to take the test. Even for the youngest students, the OLSAT exam may be comprised of up to 15 questions in multiple categories, like Aural Reasoning and Picture Classification. An OLSAT course can benefit students of all grade levels, and tutoring through OLSAT prep can help students to feel less stress when standardized testing begins. This specific exam is administered to kindergarten students as well as the older students, and the table below describe the things that your Kindergarten-aged child may be evaluated on.

A tutor can offer support for students who are involved in an OLSAT class in a variety of ways. This may include developing a personalized guide for students so that they can focus on the academic topics they may need a little brushing up on. Tutors can also offer a refresher on the topics that they seem to have a solid grasp on, just to make sure they have retained that knowledge and can recall it when they take their test. Other techniques for OLSAT test prep, particularly for younger students, might include flashcards, practice tests, and lecture-style discussion.

There are many benefits to spending as much time as possible on OLSAT test prep, particularly for students in the higher levels. This is because the results of these tests can help to shape their academic paths. Varsity Tutors would love to help you help your student with OLSAT prep, no matter what level they're in. Reach out today to find out how we can help your student go after their academic goals.

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