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Our Bingo - Video Bingo: A Classic Game with a Modern Twist

Our collection of free, kid-friendly downloadable resources and giveaways, such as character Zoom backgrounds, posters, bookmarks, activities, and more, can be used in your library, classroom, or even at home. Bookmark this page! We continue to add fun resources, so check back often for new downloadables!

Love your garden bingo! Wonderful idea. Great to finally discover the difference between a gatekeeper and a meadow brown. Unfortunately, although the nettle on the download sheet shows the correct plant, the one illustrated on the blog page appears, confusingly, to be another bramble, or maybe a raspberry? Not everyone will download, so pls update.

our bingo download

Download and print the bingo boards below, then watch the NASA SWOT launch broadcast at on Thursday, December 15, 2022! Cross off each box on the board when you hear any of these words mentioned in the broadcast. When you get a bingo, ask a grownup to share a photo of your board with us on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #TrackingWorldWater!

One of the best things about Christmas is that you have time to sit down with the whole family and enjoy some fun Christmas traditions and activities together. One of those activities? Playing entertaining Christmas games like Christmas bingo.

Pair our free Bingo Caller's App with the Link4Fun Picture Recognition Bingo Games from Stages Learning Materials to have the app call out bingo words for you and your child to mark off. Play independently or in a group!

Cards need to be turned in by end of day Tuesday, Sept. 5. You can submit your card in person at any Seattle Public Library branch, online at, or by posting a photo of the front of your card on Twitter (@SeaArtsLectures, @SPLBuzz) or Instagram (@seattleartsandlectures, @SeattlePublicLibrary), tagging #BookBingoNW2023. Each person may submit only one card.

We have twenty five prompts total on our Bingo Card. Your first objective? To get bingo on the bingo board of course! If you get bingo in any way--vertical, horizontal or diagonal, you'll be entered to win some fun surprises involving, what else? Books and planners and goodies of course!

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For each prompt, you must have a different book. 1 prompt=1 book. You can read anything published that you want to qualify--a regular book, ebook, audiobook, anthology, short story, graphic novel, etc. I'm not policing your bingo card--if you can justify it for the prompt, it works. No need to ask :)

Be sure you use the hashtag #ccbookbingo when sharing your photos so we can see them! We'll also post a thread everyday in the group so you can share it there! It's the best place to find fellow book lovers in other places!

We'll be using the weekly kit from December 3rd-December 9th. You DO have the option of continuing your challenge all month long to try to get a black out bingo (a full card) if you want to be an overachiever! If you do fill your card, you'll earn some shop credit for yourself!

If you'd like to download your own, you can pick up the free download here. You will still have to go through the checkout process but no money is actually exchanged for this. The file will be emailed to you.

Find and customize one of the thousands of ready-made bingo cards, or use the simple bingo card generator to create your own. Then print as many cards as you need. You can even play virtual bingo using a computer, smartphone or tablet. It's fast and easy.

Enter the bingo title, select the size of your bingo card grid, and type your items into the squares. Whatever items you enter into the squares will be shuffled around when the bingo cards are generated.

By default, when your cards are generated, the items are shuffled over the entire card. In traditional bingo, items are fixed to a certain column (and only shuffled within their respective column). To enable that, check the "Shuffle items only within their column" checkbox.

When you create your card, you can flip over a square to enter a clue/question. Whatever you enter on the back of your square will appear in the call list for your bingo game. For example, to help kids learn animal words, you might put the word "Bear" on the front of the square, and a picture of the bear on the back. When you play the game, the image of the bear will appear in the call list for your students to see. If they recognize the literal word "Bear" on their card, they would mark it.

After generating bingo cards or finding an existing bingo card, enter the number of cards you want to print, and select how many cards you want to print per page. You can print 1, 2 or 4 cards per page. Make sure you switch to landscape print mode on your printer to print 2 cards per page.

The ceremony also includes Groundhog Bingo! Download a bingo card below and follow along during the festivities, marking off words as you hear the ceremony hosts say them. If your luck holds and you complete a bingo, submit your card to Several winners will be chosen randomly to win groundhog-themed goodies!

Adult Summer Reading at the Boston Public Library is a bingo card of 24 challenges to complete between June 1 and August 31. Fill out your Adult Summer Reading Bingo Card with what you read and did between Thursday, June 1, 2023, and Thursday, August 31, 2023. Click the blue button below to download your bingo card.

When you have filled in at least one line of five squares (BINGO), you can upload your card digitally on this page or email it to You can also turn your card in at any open BPL location. All cards must be submitted before end of day on August 31, 2023. Only BPL cardholders (including eCards) ages 18 and up are eligible to win a prize. If you do not have a library card from the BPL, sign up for free at any open BPL location or visit to sign up online.

We have put together suggestions for some of the different challenges on this year's bingo card below. You do not have to follow our suggestions! They are only meant to help you if you're having trouble deciding what to read or how to complete an activity.

For skiers UNDER 14 years of age! Download and print your own Youth XC Ski Bingo Card HERE and be sure to fill out the BINGO ENTRY FORM when you finish. Activity descriptions included in the Bingo card download.

For skiers 14 and OLDER! Download and print your own Junior & Adult 2022-23 Bingo Card HERE and be sure to fill out the BINGO ENTRY FORM when you finish. Activity descriptions included in the Bingo card download.

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